Multilingual SEO agency: find out more about Contentactic

An agency which combines SEO expertise and multilingual translation

Contentactic is a multilingual SEO agency which specialises in SEO translation and copywriting.

Founded and managed by Lucie Laval, an SEO translator and consultant, the agency now has a vast network of SEO copywriters, translators and web professionals (developers, graphic designers, community managers, photographers and more) who work together to provide high-quality services which integrate all of these complementary areas of expertise.

The agency has three departments:

  1. Analysis & Strategy: producing semantic analysis, cross-cultural studies and web market analysis, developing strategies for blogs and content
  2. Multilingual Content Creation: translating, copywriting and optimising quality content for SEO, whether online or in print, in a wide range of languages
  3. Training:a catalogue of training courses for translators and professionals who want to learn more about SEO.

3 milestones in Contentactics history: from the very beginning to the present day

It all began in 2016. Having graduated with a degree in translation from ISIT, the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication and after several years working in the publishing industry, Lucie Laval began working as a freelancer. She founded Contentactic, an SEO translation and copywriting agency.

After working on multiple projects, she gradually came to 3 conclusions:

  1. SEO is a fast-growing industrybut most companies haven’t fully understood the challenges it poses
  2. In general, companies are aware of their need for contentto develop their online visibility but often don’t have an SEO strategy in the medium or long term
  3. Multinational organisations are keen to develop their multilingual content but often don’t have the instinct to focus on SEO, which undermines their performance

She decided to create an agency combining SEO expertise and translation to provide a comprehensive service to meet companies’ needs for multilingual SEO content.

Du secteur du livre à la rédaction web : un virage à 360°

2020: Contentactic launches new services

2020 was a new beginning for Contentactic! Despite the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and curfew, the agency began to offer innovative and ambitious new services. Having developed close working relationships with a wide-ranging network of translators, SEO copywriters and web professionals (graphic designers, community managers, developers, web photographers and more), the agency began to specialise in producing multilingual SEO content for international companies.

The agency also began developing its Analysis and Consulting department, offering semantic (SEO) and intercultural analysis services and bespoke support for its clients at every stage of their digital transformation.

The agency’s services were reworked and revamped to respond to companies’ new priorities regarding Search Engine Optimisation and online visibility.

2016, le grand départ de l’aventure Contentactic en freelance

A new challenge: developing Contentactic’s training courses

With the launch of Contentactic’s new services came another observation: there are plenty of translators and copywriters out there. Yet SEO translators are all too rare…

Given that companies need multilingual SEO content, many translators are being asked to optimise their translations with SEO in mind. Unfortunately, very few have been trained in SEO best pratices.

That’s why Contentactic decided to create its own academy for translators who want to expand their skill set to include SEO. The Contentactic Academy is currently in development and will be launched in 2021!

Find out more about Contentactics experts

The Contentactic expert is an SEO translator and copywriter who has been trained in all SEO optimization, speaks several languages and is an excellent communicator. He or she is also a keen believer in community, peer support and peer learning. In addition, he or she is:

  • Empathetic and attentive
  • Customer-oriented
  • Familiar with intercultural communication
  • An excellent linguist
  • A good communicator
  • Curious and keen to learn
  • Professional and proactive

In short, our professional and enthusiastic experts will be able to help you with all your multilingual SEO needs. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help!